VOTE Richard Berube for Dutchess County District Attorney


I was born in Beacon to hard working parents who instilled a strong work ethic in me and my brothers, John and Eric. My father was a blue collar manufacturing worker who worked his way up to management. My mother cleaned homes. They led us to believe we could do anything if we worked hard.

berube for da


Mental Health & Drug Treatment

Too often low level offenders are imprisoned because they struggle with mental health or addiction issues. Instead of receiving help and becoming productive members of society, they are sent to prison where they are exposed to hardened criminals. I will advocate for addressing their core issues instead.



Bail Reform & Pre-Trial Incarceration

Low level offenders should not be incarcerated pre-trial when the Presumption of Innocence is attached, unless and until they are either convicted after a trial or plead guilty voluntarily.


Proper Convictions

Successful prosecutions mean the successful prosecutions must be just convictions. The innocent are proven not guilty and the guilty are proven guilty. As District Attorney, my office will obey all laws and disclose evidence to the defense to ensure we properly and justly convict criminals and set the innocent free.


Improving the Pace of Justice

Dutchess County residents deserve a faster and more responsive justice system. Often cases take too long time to conclude, affecting the lives of victims and the innocent.


Reducing Mass Incarceration

Low level offenders, primarily younger ones, should be allowed in the community under probation and supervision instead of prison. Prison converts them into hardened, professional criminals. This is counterproductive and robs young offenders of a chance to become good citizens, making our communities more dangerous.


Creating Integrity

I will create an Integrity Division to ensure the DA’s office adheres to best practices. This will ensure convictions stick and allow the accused the due process, they are entitled to.


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